When Libraries Blog: A Look at the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress’ blog, written by senior public affairs specialist Jennifer Gavin and director of communications Matt Raymond, provides intriguing snippets about upcoming events, acquisitions, and developing programs at the Library of Congress. Posts are sporadic, but seem to have increased to two or three a week since the inclusion of Jennifer Gavin on May 4th. The blog is searchable, but a clickable list of post categories (tags) is also provided. The archive is not searchable by month however.

Both the page header and items within the posts link back to the Library of Congress. The page header has clickable buttons for Ask a Librarian, Digital collections, and Library Catalog, as well as the LoC home page and a search box. Posts link to sites both inside and outside the LoC website, such as the LoC’s Flickr photo stream or the Chronicling America page which allows users to do things like view and search newspapers from 1880-1910.
As of 6/14/09 GoogleReader lists 1,446 subscribers and Technorati gives the site an authority rating of 197 (contrast this with the Huffington Post, which is listed the most popular site with an authority rating of 23, 233). Not every post has comments, but many have at least two. The highest number of comments and trackbacks I found was 48 on the post announcing the LoC YouTube channel. These statistics suggest that while the site may not be the most popular on the web, people are intrigued by announcements from this institution.

I like the look and feel of the site. Posts often include photos, and are well written with a sort of public radio style. It is a fairly clean page, with a white background and very little clutter. The Library of Congress has some very cool projects, and I’m uncertain how to draw more people to the blog.


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