Business models, marketing, and public libraries

Please Take This Important Survey About Privacy

1.  I don’t mind that Google knows me better than I know me.
a) Agree
b) Disagree

2.  Please indicate your level of fascism
a) I always follow the recipe
b) I own a cat
c) I own a cat, which I dress in clothing
d) If I had a time machine, I’d go back and fix things real good
e) Yuppie go home

3. When I search for information I
a) Talk to my friends
b) Visit the library
c) Write a letter to someone important (signed)

4. All the best cars are
a) Bicycles
b) Volvos
c) Red

5.  People like me.
a) Agree
b) Disagree

Just go ahead and post your answers to the comments section.  If you don’t have the internet, put your answers on a 3 by 5 index card and mail them to me with the box top from your breakfast cereal.