What was I thinking?

In migrating my old blog here, I was inspired to look at some of my half finished drafts.  I found this quotation, with nothing else, and no post title.

The larger order, the order of books, determines the categories by which items can be classified, and catalogers do the invisible work of upholding this order, regularizing and standardizing, nipping and tucking, making it appear that items really do have the “natural” properties we take for granted.
Levy, D. (1995). Cataloging in the digital order.  Digital Libraries. Retrieved from http://www.csdl.tamu.edu/DL95/papers/levy/levy.html

It’s a great quote, and I obviously was going to use it to make some brilliant point about something or the other, but I have no idea what this inspired in me.

So I invite your speculation.  What WAS I thinking?


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