Student Groups

SJSU SLIS has official opportunities for networking (a Facebook group even), but it also has several unofficial student groups.  Conveniently, these have been gathered on a Wiki for your perusal. Some things I think about when participating in student groups or professional listservs

  1. I Remember that they are generally public, and may be being read by my professor, future employer, or that crazy guy who lives down the street from me.
  2. I Remember that they are populated by my future colleagues and employers, who may remember my lack of professionalism further on down the line, just in time to not hire me.
  3. I Remember that “The biggest liar in the world is They Say” (Douglas Malloch), so I use good information literacy skills to judge accuracy and veracity.  If in doubt, I contact the appropriate person at SLIS to clarify what other students are telling me.
  4. I Remember that every student is looking for different things from the program.  One person’s “favorite professor ever” can be another’s “waste of time and money.”  Some things I think about when reading professor reviews:
  • Professors, like fine wines, get better as they age.  I pay attention to how reviews change over time; sometimes problems described in earlier reviews disappear in more current ones.
  • Class format has changed, so reviews of in-person classes may not apply to online teaching.  Some teachers are better at one format or the other.
  • Bad grades make for bitter reviewers.
  • Key words or phrases help me pick professors that are suited to my learning style.  I look for “active on discussion boards” and “gives a lot of feedback” because I’m interested in professors that are a little more participatory.  “Best” and “worst” are less helpful.
  • I take sample size into account.  One or two reviews are not a good picture of collective experience.

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