Welcome New Students

I’m really pleased to be a peer mentor for 203, the introductory course for new students here at SLIS.

I started the program in Spring 2009, and I’ve really had a lot of great experiences.

I like how the program creates a balance between teaching professional skills and teaching academic theory. I also really appreciate being able to go to class in my pajamas; I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve put “working remotely” on my list of pluses for potential work sites.

But the best thing about the program is the people. Both faculty and students are a diverse bunch, with variation in age, location, tech/computer skills, library background, and academic focus. SLIS puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork (which can make a lot of new students anxious). This emphasis supports a sense of collaboration at multiple levels, between teachers, students, and staff, in both formal and informal ways. And this emphasis is deliberate, which means SLIS provides and encourages training, thought, and analysis of the process, allowing people to stay on the same page. Ultimately this is the most rewarding aspect of the program, keeping learning at a personal level.

So welcome, new students. I’m excited to learn more about you, and to hear what you have to say.


One response

  1. I agree, education is better when taught on a personal level. I look forward to working with you in LIBR 203.

    p.s.- my cat likes to hang out in my bathroom as well, but never in the sink.

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