Cheese Plate Detour: Aged Italian Goats

My new old love?  Aged Italian goat cheese.  These are not your dried out chalky French monstrosities which pucker the back of your throat.  These are slightly oily, complex, subtle lovelies.

Pantaleo: Have you ever had Fiore (aka Pecorino) Sardo?  Pantaleo is basically the same cheese, only made with goat’s milk.  Firm and slightly oily, Pantaleo is well suited to shaving or grating as well as snacking and eating.  Pantaleo shows off some of goat’s excellent characteristics.  It is slightly lemony and peppery.  It would also make an excellent next step for someone who has been through a few gateway goats such as Cypress Grove’s Midnight Moon or Humbolt Fog.

Capra Valtellina: While similar in goat intensity level, Capra Valtellina has a slightly softer, less oily texture, and leans more towards the pine than the peppercorn.  It is also aged a little longer, at four to six months, rather than 100 days.  It hails from the opposite end of Italy; Capra Valtellina is made in Lombardy, where the Swiss cheesemakers peer over the border.  The goats eat some of that fabulous Alpine pasturage, and you can taste it in this cheese.


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