Golden Gate Park

F 869.S37 – F is History of the Americas, F 1-975 is United States Local History, and F 856-870 is California.

Author: Helen Ludwig
ISBN-10: n/a ISBN-13: n/a
City and Publisher:
[Shenzhen, China]: Interprint
Copyright Date: 1984
Author’s Website: n/a

Reader’s Annotation: What can you do in Golden Gate Park?  Find out from an artist (in English and French).

Plot Summary: An artist draws and writes about Golden Gate Park.  Sketches of people and park locations are accompanied by semi-poetic text in English and French. See the museums, the landmarks, and learn a little bit about park history.  Includes a short essay by park historian Raymond H. Clary.

Critical Evaluation: Golden Gate Park is a charming, beautifully rendered book which provides an artistic impression of a day in the life of the park.  Written in 1984, some park features have changed or disappeared, but this only adds to the book’s historical feel.  The text is in English and French, and translation reveals that the meanings are similar but not exact.  This book will appeal to the imagination of readers of all ages.

Illustrations: Ludwig sketches rather than drawing in detail.  The feel of the images is of movement captured, and the persons depicted have both emotion and character.  The illustrations may have originally been water colors.  The palette is slightly muted, with most images in black and white or splashes of blue and red.

Reading Level/Interest: 6 & up
Curriculum Ties: Local history, Golden Gate Park, Art
Booktalking Ideas: Ask people to draw their favorite scene from their favorite park

Genre: Picture books, art books

Challenge Issues: n/a

About the Author: Helen Ludwig was an artist who lived in San Francisco from 1957 until her death in 2009 at the age of 98.  She worked with the Works Progress Administration Mural Project and Teaching Project.  She also taught art to children with disabilities.  She was profiled in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2002 here and has an obituary in the New York Times here


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