Want to be a public librarian? Ask yourself these questions first.

Today is “go through the mess personal filing system and dump out old paper work day!”

I found a notebook from my first few weeks working as a real librarian, which included this list of questions:

Librarian Questions

Do you like to read and make lists?
When people ask you questions that don’t make sense, do you smile and say, “tell me more”?
Do you have an eye for color and a flair for display?
How are you with bureaucracy?
Do you like children?
Do you know where the bathroom is?
Do you mind telling that to people over and over?
Do you like thinking about which books are like other books?
Did you read Encyclopedia Brown or other detective novels as a child?
Do you find the same joy in online detective work?
Even though you prefer things organized neatly, do you gracefully accept the presence of relentless, ever-encroaching chaos in your life?


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