Projects, a list

I have a few interviews coming up, and so I am going to make a list of some of my past, present and future library projects.

  1. Made a seed library, made a website for it, and am doing on-going programming:
    • Plant Exchange as kick-off
    • Intro to Seed Saving, with BASIL
    • Starting from Seeds
    • Walking visit to the Fire Station’s vegetable garden
    • The Modern Kitchen Garden: Enjoying a year-round harvest
    • Also marketing the seed library, in the library, through a passive program: leaves with the question: “If I Could Grow Anything, I’d Grow…” and the instructions to drop off at the seed library
    • Also solicited donations from patrons and Seed Saver’s exchange
  2. Food-related programming, mostly for “Eating is So Delicious” summer reading (author programs all had tasting element):
    • Cookies and Tea with Donia Bijan
    • Cheese, Please with Laura Werlin
    • Taste What You’re Missing with Barb Stuckey
    • Working on “How to Read a Recipe,” and, if logistical morass can be sorted out, a knife skills program with Peter Hertzmann
    • A Taste of the Wedge with Rainbow Grocery cheesemonger Gordon Edgar
  3. Managed the 200s for the past six months+, including weeding the entire section and using the extra room to have face-out books.  Circulation increased.
  4. Created displays, with associated dynamic bibliographies using the tagging feature in Encore: “Foodie Books by Local Authors”  “Pride” (with co-workers), “Her Story” (biography and autobiography of women), “Jazz”, “Oscars”, “Abraham Lincoln/Vampire Hunter” (not my original concept), “Hispanic Heritage Month”, “Autumn Feast”, “Gore Vidal”, “Making Change, in Ourselves and in Our Communities”
  5. Comprehensive weeding of Adult books, primarily non-fiction, at a branch library.  Some shifting in collections, and reorganization.  Weeding J Fic (chapter books) at another branch.  In another system, participated in weeding of stored collections in anticipation of opening new branch libraries.
  6. Bibliographies, mostly using Encore tagging:
    • Urban fiction for teens and adults (also static list)
    • Read and Watch Elmore Leonard
    • Choosing Cheese
    • Would You Like to Know More?  Weekly lists based on current events.  On-going as of June 24, 2013.
    • Earthquakes (for two different libraries)
    • Hot Romance
    • Kristin Wiig
    • Paranormal Series Starters
    • Voter’s Relief
    • Women of SNL
    • Election Fiction
    • Astronomy for elementary school teachers
    • Waste Worries for elementary school teachers
    • Organic, Local and Delicious for elementary school teachers
    • Award winners tagging projects in Encore: Hugo awards, Newbery/Caldecott, National Book Award
  7. Passive programming:
    • Ball of String
    • Mystery Mystery
    • Asanti’s Lucky Pick
    • Craft Station
    • Viewfinder Station
    • Type-spiration Station (for Poetry Month)
    • Your Library Fortune
    • Pope Shelf
    • Book Crush (and Blind Date with a Book display)
    • Question board (first question, “What would you buy?” to get suggestions on how to use possible grant money)
    • What am I? tags for displayed natural history specimens
  8. ESL Conversation Club – trying to find intern/volunteer from local TESOL program to develop and run the club
  9. Social Media and Blogging:
    • Facebook posts and events
    • Blog series: Spotlight On, New at the Naturalist Center, Who Pooped, Ask a Naturalist
  10. Developing two Squishy circuits programs
  11. Information Literacy/Library orientation program for museum docents
  12. Storytimes: Toddler, Preschool, 0-3, Science Story Adventures (targeted at ages 4-6, in reality delivered to 3-9)
  13. Teen ‘Scape: supervised video game program (around 30 12-16 year olds)
  14. Specimen talks to drop-in audiences of 5-30 people of all ages
  15. Peer mentor for class on online social networking, for new library school students
  16. Research on: Text message reference (especially teen use of ), chat reference consortia, on-call librarians

Things I’m interested in: 36 hour programming festival, bike programs (fix-it night, tune-up station, sponsored rides), cottage food/cottage industries, more “field trips”, drop-in crafts, DJ talks/music making classes, community skillshare night, library booths at community events, community booths at the library (the doctor is in, sewing/mending, poets and artists), current events book display, seed library programs for teens or kids, e-origami (holiday cards and crafts), marketing fiction – faceouts, signage, shelftalkers, job hunters club.

Problems I want to solve: How people come in for their book club book at the last minute and its checked out with 30 holds, college students hoping we’ll have their textbook, jobhunting for all skill levels, in-depth, regular, reliable help using computers, particularly for those with low digital literacy.


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  1. For the book club issue, the public library here in Iowa City has book club “kits” ( that book clubs can use to help prevent situations like the one you described, where the members come in at the last minute looking for a copy of the book that’s unavailable. The upside is that there are 10 copies of the same book reserved specifically for book club use along with suggested discussion questions. The downside is that if your book club doesn’t want to use any of the books available in kits then you’re back to square one. But certainly something to think about.

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