Year in Review, courtesy of the FB

I FaceBook about my library experiences a lot, which means most of my bon mots are lost to the ether, except for once a year when the FB Bots troll my posts for my “Best of 2013.”

Here is the copy pasta of my 2013, with the more personal bits removed.

Jan 9:
Librarianing: in a teen program, trying to keep them from calling each other the n word and the f word while respecting their youthful exuberance.  

Jan 23:
Some poor saps drive to work in the morning…
Photo: Some poor saps drive to work in the morning...

February – Left Substitute Librarian Job (1 of 3)

Feb 20:
This is what I did at work last week.
Photo: This is what I did at work last week.

Feb 23:
Here is what I did at work today. The fine print says “if you would like to make your own paper pope hat, please visit the reference desk”
Photo: Here is what I did at work today.  The fine print says "if you would like to make your own paper pope hat, please visit the reference desk"

Mar 17:
One favorite at the reference desk today: the late 20s guy who came up asking if we had a Christian fiction section (we don’t). When we told him it was mixed in with regular fiction, and could we help him find something more specific, he said he was looking for Amish fiction. Now, Amish fiction generally means very sweet romance books, which seemed a little unusual for this dude but ok, I don’t judge. I showed him how to use the catalog to find some of it and he went away very happy. I then heard him say “Grandma, I figured out how it works!” and he came back and spent 20 minutes helping Grandma find her Amish romances. Be still my heart. What a lovely library moment.

April 2:
Hello, New Friend.
Photo: Hello, New Friend.

 June 17:
A guy at my library is using his computer time to watch Mork and Mindy. He is laughing out loud. For real. 

June 29:
Last night as I walked past San Francisco City hall, two men exited, holding hands and grinning, to the cheers and applause of a small crowd gathered outside. One of the most beautiful things about getting married is the joy that others, even strangers, express when they see you on your day. How wonderful to get married at a time when people all across the nation are rejoicing for you. How happy I am that every couple in my state can have this beauty in their lives. 

July 23: 
Yesterday I helped a woman get into her yahoo email. She said, “how did you do that?!” I wiggled my fingers and said, “Magic!” I also helped a woman find a Sylvia Brown book, by standing on a stool and looking on the shelf behind the books. She said, “Oh how wonderful, thank you!” I smiled and said, “Ancient librarian secret.” I’m a library wizard, folks, a library wizard.

July 28:
Oh yeah, the guy that’s been sitting in the library very very diligently working on job applications for a couple months told me on Friday that he got hired! Man, so pumped to hear it!

Aug 16:
Oh yeah, I starts my new job on Monday! Same place, new status: 30 hours a week, permanent. Get to stay on one day at the other lirbary, get benefits, get paid time off…life is good!

Aug 19:
My new cubicle came with a free poster!
Photo: My new cubicle came with a free poster!

Oct 7:
Offer on house has been accepted. We’re fixin to move, folks.

Nov 3:
Hello, new friend.
Photo: Hello, new friend.

Nov 16:
Today the intern said, “Can I ask you a quick question?” “Sure!” I replied. Then, a few seconds after he began speaking, I yelled “Not quick enough!” It’s important to teach interns about the proper way to conduct business transactions.

Dec. 14:
A few days ago, the intern asked me “when you guys bring carts of books back to the office, what are you doing with them?” Knowing the importance of being honest with people who are learning, I replied “Mostly rubbing them all over our faces.”

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