I hate politics but I love voting

Today I voted at an elementary school across the street from the projects.  Everybody was super nice.  I got to vote for my favorite politician of all time, Barbara Lee.  Voting rocks.  Here is a repost of something I wrote about voting in 2011.


Photo: Bain News Service via The Library of Congress at http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/ggb2004008785/

I hate politics but I love voting!

Normally I vote under the watchful eye of Jesus at the Christian Science Reading Room, but this time I voted at the Buddhist Bookstore.  I never thought of Buddhists as being more commercially-minded than Christians, but there you go. Anyway they are both LITERARY VENUES!

My poll workers were a teenage girl and an older woman.  The teenage girl wanted to try looking up my name in the book, but the older woman didn’t think she was ready yet.  Then I went to the privacy booth.  I used my smartphone to look at my notes about what I wanted to vote for!  I got two choices for some things, and THREE choices for others.  We have ranked choice voting. I used a special marker to make the arrows complete.  It is like taking the SAT only shorter and you have to stand. But YOUR ENTIRE FUTURE still depends on the outcome.

Then I fed my ballot into the machine, chomp chomp, and got a free sticker! I said thank you to everyone and they all gave me big smiles.  I live in a democracy!  We all do our part.

Photo: Lewis Walker, via the Library of Congress at http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/owi2001042017/PP/

(Go John Avalos,  Go!)